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Jones Lang LaSalle acquires Procon to form the largest real estate services

JAKARTA, 8 AUGUST 2011 - The leading global real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE: JLL), announced today that it has joined forces with Procon, a firm dominant in the Indonesian real estate market.

The combined business operations, in which Procon will become a part of Jones Lang LaSalle, creates the largest real estate services company in Indonesia. It will have over 300 personnel and continue to house its headquarters in Jakarta with additional offices in Bali and Surabaya. Integration
of the business lines and the team as well as a full rebranding of the business will begin immediately. Jones Lang LaSalle came together with PT Procon Indah in 1980 to form the first international property consultancy firm in Indonesia, before going their separate ways in 2001. With this long
history together, the two firms share a similar culture and business values. They have built a strong track record in supporting the needs of real estate owners and occupiers with their broad range of industry expertise.
The business will be run by Todd Lauchlan in the position of Country Head while Lucy Rumantir, formerly Chief Executive Officer for Procon, will assume the role of Chairman. Both Jones Lang LaSalle and Procon’s senior management will hold leadership positions in the company, and all
employees will integrate into similar roles within the combined organization.

Chris Fossick, Managing Director for Jones Lang LaSalle South East Asia says “The two Firms share
similar values and have deep roots in the real estate services industry in Asia Pacific. It is a solid
cultural fit and the synergy will significantly strengthen our value to clients in Indonesia and across the

Todd Lauchlan Country Head for Indonesia says “The combined strength of our businesses enables
us to capitalize on Indonesia’s economic growth and provides us with a scale and depth of expertise which will be of great benefit to our clients. Clients will also benefit from the increased number of services which we now offer allowing them greater ability to tap into opportunities in the market.”
Eric de Clercq Zubli, managing director Jones Lang LaSalle Nederland, zegt over de acquisitie: "Met de overname van Procon wordt onze internationale positie aanzienlijk versterkt. Wereldwijd hebben we honderden miljoenen vierkante meters commercieel vastgoed onder ons beheer waarmee we grote belangen behartigen van vastgoedinvesteerders zoals pensioenfondsen, verzekeringsmaatschappijen en asset managers over de hele wereld. Kern van onze Property Managementactiviteiten is de focus op waardestijging van het vastgoed én op de tevredenheid van huurders. Juist onder economisch moeilijke omstandigheden, bij problematische leegstand en grote demografische veranderingen is focus op de gebruikers van vastgoed van even groot belang als de focus op de exploitatie."