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Transaction Management

When we manage your portfolio, strategic thinking will be the primary focus, only then will we move on transactions that support your business goals and improve the productivity of your real estate

​"The real estate portfolio is the physical platform upon which the work of the enterprise is carried forward and the wealth of the shareholders such, it is not an expense to be managed, but a critical strategic investment to be optimized."

When it comes to managing leases across diverse real estate markets, our ability to leverage our market leading teams across the world to not only react quickly to opportunities that give you a competitive edge, but equally importantly to proactively 'lead the discussion' with off market local knowledge and research trends, is second to none. With our strategic guidance and the right market and portfolio information, you can get a foothold in rising markets before your rivals. We'll be your partner in making rapid, smart decisions that optimize your portfolio and enhance the way your property contributes to business productivity.

Our focus is on driving down occupancy costs, mitigating cost increases in rising markets and increasing flexibility. We ensure that transactions are executed consistently and introduce governance standards to reduce your risk. Our dedicated transaction managers work with a network of colleagues who are the industry's best local market transactors, often in specific industry sectors that require deep knowledge of industry practice, restrictions and challenges. Our technology reporting platform supports the stringent governance requirements for all our corporate clients - up to date information in a consistent format is key in so many ways.

With a property footprint that's fit for the future, you're better equipped to achieve measurable results across your portfolio and attain your business objectives.