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Office Location Ranking

This is the second edition of the Jones Lang LaSalle Office Locations Ranking. The success of the first edition in September 2012 soon gave rise to the successor, the purpose of which is to further improve transparency in the office market and refine our research method.

The 'overall' picture in the Dutch office market has yet to improve in 2013: the vacancy rate remains high, take-up is low and prices are falling. However, this picture does not apply to the whole of the office market and certain developments give cause for optimism, such as an increase in affordable office space. There is also greater equilibrium in the offices market because municipalities have adopted a stricter policy towards new-build developments and the number of office building reconversions is increasing. In recent years, there has been increasing polarisation in the offices market: good locations have been performing better and poorer locations have been performing worse. Thankfully, there are a few office locations in the Netherlands that continue to perform well. The highest rental prices are increasingly being achieved in micro-locations, within a limited radius of transport hubs. The difference in terms of price and quality between the buildings at these micro-locations and buildings located further away from hubs is growing rapidly.