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Essent wins Winning Workplace Award 2013 with anders Werken

Jones Lang LaSalle awards real estate prize for innovative office use for second time

​​Jones Lang LaSalle announced Essent as winner of the Winning Workplace Award 2013. This bi-annual award is a recognition for office users who adopt progressive and innovative approaches when dealing with trends and developments in the offices market. The prize was accepted, during the FMM Marktevent in The Upper Deck in Naarden, by Marcel Broumels, Strategic FM Demand & Supply Manager at Essent. The winner was selected by an independent and professional jury out of three finalists: Eneco, Essent and Makro Netherlands. This year, the jury paid particular attention to HR factors relating to work place innovation, like the impact on culture, formal and informal communication and the creation of an open and innovative culture. 

Eelco Hoet, Director Tenant Representation at Jones Lang LaSalle and chairman of the jury, who awarded the prize this afternoon: “Once again, the standard of the finalists was unbelievably high. The jury was very impressed by the conviction, innovation and enthusiasm with which all candidates attempted to create better work places within Dutch offices. Essent is a fantastic winner. The ‘@nders Werken’ (another way of working) concept, and the way in which it has been implemented, makes Essent a role model for other office users in the Netherlands. The company is astonishingly effective in relentlessly looking for perfect equilibrium between the needs of employees, productivity improvements, cost reduction, flexibility, customer satisfaction and sustainability. From the very outset, many safeguards have been incorporated into the organisation and employees are involved in the change process whenever possible. When doing so, Essent implements a comprehensive approach and continues to look for improvements.”

The jury primarily based its decision on the ‘human impact’ of the selected work place strategy. The nominees were judged for factors like building and work place, location, collaboration with third parties, HR policy and culture. The jury report had the following to say about these aspects at Essent: “The decision to set up the ‘@nders Werken’ project has been made with great forethought. A process-based approach has been adopted from the outset of the project and HR, IT and facility management have forged a multi-disciplinary partnership. The board was actively involved from the very beginning and the interests of employees were safeguarded via steering committees. Working from home and other locations is an integral part of the ‘@nders Werken project. Employees receive intensive support when deciding to work in the office, at home or elsewhere, and also receive financial assistance to create effective work environments at home. For instance, a great deal has changed in terms of facility management, partly by working intensively with various external parties.” The conclusion of the jury is that the @nders Werken project has been established and implemented in a very honest, thorough and process-based manner. The project has had a positive impact on all aspects of company culture and the working lives of many employees at Essent. Consideration has been given to the finest details and this new approach has been implemented and safeguarded in every part of the organisation. In short, Essent is a successful company, also in terms of the latest work-related concepts!

In total, 23 organisations had registered for the Winning Workplace Award 2013. The jury evaluated these organisations based on pre-determined criteria. This resulted in a short-list of six organisations, which the public voted for via the internet. This voting system reduced the number of nominees to three finalists, namely Eneco, Essent and Makro Netherlands. In October, the jury visited the organisations and spoke to employees, managers and people responsible for the work place concept at the concerned organisations. Information gathered during the jury visits formed the basis for the jury's final verdict.

Photo: Marcel Broumels (centre) and Catherine Boon (right) from Essent accept the Winning Workplace Award 2013 by chairman of the jury Eelco Hoet (left), Director Tenant Representation Jones Lang LaSalle.