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Case Study

Nisshinbo – Office Sustainable Retrofit

    Improving sustainability of the building to market standards


  • By means of retrofit, a sustainability upgrade was commissioned for the Nisshinbo office building in Amsterdam.
  • The initial energy survey of the building resulted in label G.The goal is to improve from G-Label to A-Label (based on our sustainability assessment).
  • Solution

  • Jones Lang LaSalle made a first sustainability assessment and value-impact analysis for the building. We were completely responsible for the project management and technical design of the sustainable retrofit and communication with tenants.
  • Solutions:
    • Adding energy recovery system in the air-handling unit
    • Installing a thermal energy storage
    • Changing the standard light fittings into high-frequency fittings
    • Installing counter flow heat exchangers
    • Changing and modifications in the overall control system


  • The sustainable retrofit will result in an A-label certified building (the most energy-efficient level); a strong marketing element within the Netherlands.

To learn more about the range of services we provide to investors, developers and occupiers involved with sustainable real estate visit the main Energy & Sustainability page

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